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Currently, Healing Springs Counseling does not offer medication services.

You may consider speaking to:

Your Primary Care Physician

A Psychiatrist

Don't have one of those? Here are some ways to find one that is a good fit for you:

You probably have questions.

No, you do not HAVE to take medications.

It is your body and you need to make decisions about
your body and health with all the information from qualified sources.

Yes, side effects are real and happen to some people.

I wish there was a crystal ball to figure out if you would
experience side effects and which ones, but we do not know.
Ask the doctor about these questions and voice your concerns.

No, antidepressants will NOT make you suicidal.

Antidepressants improve energy levels which can lead to
acting on already present suicidal thoughts.
If you have ever experienced suicidal thoughts (like 99% of humanity),
let your doctor know so they can monitor it appropriately
(No, it is not an automatic ticket to the mental hospital).

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