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relationship counseling

What is it?

Relationship counseling is not just for hetersoexual monogamous married people. 

You can experience a healthier and happier experience with better communication, sexual experiences, parenting, or bond in romantic or intimate relationship(s) of any kind.

Get the Most Out of Our Session​:


  • Log in 5-10 minutes ahead of time to test your internet connection and audio/video settings.

  • Find a location that is private and quiet.

  • Sit somewhere comfortable.

  • Turn off (or silence) any other devices that may cause distractions such as cell phones, televisions, and tablets.

  • If you have family or roommates in the house, you may want to hang a sign on the door, asking everyone to refrain from entering the room until you are finished.

  • If you get distracted by seeing yourself on camera, you can cover that part of the screen with a post-it note.

  1. Request an appointment 

  2. We will email you a link to your HIPAA-compliant patient portal to complete intake paperwork online

  3. Schedule your first session in the patient portal

  4. You will receive an email and/or text notification for your appointment with the weblink to attend the session

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